ASTRO Fiber Concrete Spacers are manufactured using Cement, aggregate, M-sand, plasticizers, imported poly fiber & special admixtures to achieve compressive strength in excess of M-70. Our products go through rigorous testing processes at periodical intervals to ensure conformity to international standards.


Solid as a Rock Strength

ASTRO Fiber Concrete Spacers are made under severe quality control, bearing compressive strength not less than 60 MPa. Consequently, no deformation in heat, cold or under weight, subjected before and during concreting.

ASTRO’s Durability

ASTRO Fiber Concrete Spacers are highly durable to structure containing very low chloride penetration and over 100 years life based on strict International tests.

ASTRO’s Identification

ASTRO Fiber Concrete Spacers sizes are clearly embossed on every spacer size (in metric as well as in imperial unit). The extruded spacers will not bear this feature.

ASTRO’s Precision

ASTRO Fiber Concrete Spacers are casted in precision dies, Certifies precise dimensions well under prescribed tolerances.

ASTRO’s Quality and Standards

ASTRO Fiber Concrete Spacers are manufactured strictly in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 (Certified by: UQSR under registration no. UQSR-1251-AE. All our spacers confirm to British Standards H BS 7973-1:2001, DIN 1045 and EN 206. Tests prove that our spacers exceed breaking load limits stipulated in DBV Merkblatt Abstandhalter (L2)